Completed Web Pages


Estimate the number of website pages to be designed and completed (price is per page – see below for more information)



Get your web design started by estimating the number of pages that you will need. You might start by including a ‘Home’ page, an ‘About Us’ page and a ‘Services’ page, but other pages may be necessary depending on your business. Do not include in this estimate any Picture Gallery pages, e-commerce pages, or Contact Form pages, as these are covered by other parts of the Quote.

Don’t worry if you are not sure about what pages you need, this is just an estimate for Quotation purposes. For each page included, we will ensure that the content and design is fully to your specification, and  the overall ‘look-and-feel’ of the site  – the colour scheme, text fonts used, logo for your business/organisation, etc. will be just as you like it. We have a large number of pre-built templates available that you can choose from if you do not have your own ideas.