Whether you need a website to publicise your Church services and activities, Help with Fund-raising for your Charity, or sell your products and services for your business, Cathedral Web Services have the Website solution you need. If you have the expertise to design your website yourself, we can provide a hosting-only solution to meet your needs. if you need some help with website design and implementation, ask us to meet with you to discuss your needs.


DIY Website Design?

If you have the expertise and inclination to design your own website, we can provide a web-hosting-only solution and provide you with design tools and templates to create your own website to your own design, at rock-bottom prices for hosting – WITH 25% DISCOUNT FOR UK CHARITIES!


Need some help with designing your website?

If you need some help with designing your website, we can discuss your ideas and help you create a jaw-dropping website that puts your ideas into reality! Different packages available depending on the type of website required.


Need help with Website Maintenance as well?

Whether your website needs a once-per-year update, or constant updates, we can help with maintaining your website with the latest information. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Web Hosting – Why Choose Us?

Cathedral Web Services have been providing Web Hosting and Design Services to Churches, Charities and small Businesses in the Midlands for around 5 years, and we reckon we know a thing or two when it comes to providing great web solutions.

Superior Hardware Configuration

We only use Dell Servers in our web hosting platform. Our platform is designed to be highly redundant and all data is stored in network disk arrays. Data is automatically synchronised between the arrays so that in the event of an array failing the remaining array continues to serve data to the servers with no downtime.

Data Backups for extra Security

Each array is also backed up each night to a separate backup cluster which is then written to tape and stored offsite. You don’t have to make any changes to the way you manage your website, or pay for extras to use our cloud hosting, we want all our customers to have the very latest hosting technology as standard. Our cloud platform adapts instantly to any changes, to make sure your website is always running.

Quality Hosting

Our purpose-built web hosting infrastructure in unrivalled in the UK for stability and reliability. This means your visitors can find your site 24/7/365.

Traffic Spike? No Problem!

Our cloud hosting has been designed to instantly adapt to the demands being placed upon it. No matter what time of day it is, or if you have an unusually large increase in traffic, your visitors won’t notice any difference in performance.

High Level Security

Website Security is of the utmost importance these days, so we provide state-of-the-art security software options to stop the hackers in their tracks…

Say Goodbye to down-time!

We have minimised the possibility of down-time, thanks to our huge network of load-balanced server clusters, all working to support your website.

5 Years Web Design Experience

We have been designing websites of various styles for at least 5 years, and are able to provide advice and expertise to turn your ideas into reality!

Quality Control

We are very familiar with quality control techniques as applied to web design, having come from a software background for a large telecommunications company. We will not allow the website to be launched until it has been fully tested for design integrity and other functionality.

We don’t let our customers go!

Once your hosting has been set up and/or your website has been launched, we don’t just leave you to get on with it! We have an integrated support desk facility that allows you to let us know of any issues, and we will not rest until they are solved.

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